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Industrial Energy-saving  Insulation Cover


Product Property

1. Service temperature 70℃-1200℃)

2. Good chemical stability, chemical resistant, anti moth, anti-mildew

3. Fireproof and flame retardant (fire grade A - non combustible)

4. Aging and weather resistance

5. Waterproof, oil resistant


1. Good heat insulation

2. Removable, easy to install, convenient to clean the pipeline and devices, convenient to repair and maintain

3. Repeated use, long service life

4. High strength, soft and flexible, easy to bend and bind up

5. We can process non-standard products, customize according to the insulation parts

6. Product adaptation: apply to different temperatures, different shapes of pipeline and equipment for thermal insulation

7. Environmental protection, no pollution: does not contain asbestos or any other harmful substances, completely harmless to people and the environment

8. Product appearance beautiful and neat, surface can be cleaned

9. Improve working thermal environment, prevent scald

Product types and adaptable

1. Can be repeatedly used , so that it saves more cost and with less waste.

2. Suitable for different shapes of pipes, equipment, more advantages for "special shaped pieces", it can be used everywhere even in the case of traditional insulation can not do.

3. A wide range of spatial adaptation, can also be used in a narrow space

4. Environmental adaptability: more adapted to the "corrosive" environment than the traditional heat insulation.

Main Application

Currently, removable type insulation cover (heat prevention quilt, thermal insulation jacket) is the ideal thermal insulation material for pipeline and equipment. It’s widely used for heat equipment and all kinds of pipeline, HVAC and refrigeration device in industry of petrochemical, chemical engineering, spinning, metallurgy, power, construction, kilns, paper making, pharmacy, ship, etc. For example, Pipeline, elbow, flange, valve, level glass, triplet, chemical reactor, equipment, thermal power and nuclear power steam turbine unit, capped end, pump, instrument box in high temperature environment of steel industry, and other special shapes parts.


1.Install and remove slowly along the opening direction, avoid rude operation!

2.Don't touch with barbed items, to avoid puncturing the insulation sleeve.



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